Great Ocean Road | Victoria, Australia | November 2014

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of is the blog of native Brooklynite Polly Rittenberg. Her three main passions in life are drinking any kind of alcohol, watching movies all day long, and traveling the world. All three are subjects she has spent hours researching and actively participating in, and her perfect day is when she can combine all three at the same time. She is still not totally sure about the structure of this blog, but Polly just wants a space to explore her favorite things, and force her opinions about them onto the unsuspecting internet. Maybe even other people besides her Mom will find this blog mildly entertaining. Maybe she'll stop writing in the third person. Who knows. Get ready to join her on this weird, occasionally booze-induced, technological adventure.


Growing up in a household where a bottle of wine was always on hand (no offense Mom and Dad) and being told at a young age the golden rule of champagne by my father: "Only drink good champagne. If you can't afford to buy good champagne, get someone else to buy it for you." This is advice that I still follow to this day. My love for wine was extended further when I needed to fulfill a science credit in college and took The Science of Wine course during my senior year. Besides learning all about enology (that's the actual term for the study and science of wine), I was lucky enough to actually make my own wine (which turned out to be incredibly delicious) and taste wine during class (yes, that actually happened). Fast forward a bit, and I got a job in a wine store down by Wall Street. Not only did I have a job where I could buy wine at wholesale prices, but I acquired a new taste for delicious scotch and bourbon, which has allowed me to feel more like a privileged white man.


It's hard for me to pin down exactly why I fell in love with cinema, but it has always been a subject that I've loved. When I was a kid, I would usually plan out with my parents, sisters, or babysitter (really, whoever was listening) what VHS tape I wanted to watch that night. My favorites at this time were any early-90's Disney movie or Home Alone (1990), mainly because Macaulay Culkin was my dream boy and that movie is just hilarious. When I was in middle school and high school, I started watching the early movies of Hollywood, and became hooked on that era. Turner Classic Movies became my teacher and sanctuary. I started developing crushes on heartthrobs of yesteryear, like Ray Milland, Jimmy Stewart, and Errol Flynn. I love watching anything in Black and White. In general, I'm an obsessive geek when it comes to film.


Born in Chicago, raised in Brooklyn, college in Greensboro, study abroad semester in London, English teacher in Bangkok, and now slumming it on the Upper West Side, I am never not missing any place I have lived in or been to. By the age of 23, I had been to 24 countries, and can't wait to add more to the list. Some of my crazy travel stories include staying at a Christian hostel in the red light district of Amsterdam, jumping out of a tiny pink airplane in New Zealand, having a Parisian waiter ask me to move in with him to be his lover and sometime English teacher, licking the wall of a salt mine in Krakow, and floating on a raft with my mother down the Mekong River in Laos. 

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