Character Map

For my final project for one of my graduate school courses, I made my own Google Map featuring places in Vienna, Venice, and London, as seen in the films The Third Man (1949), Before Sunrise (1995), Summertime (1955), Wings of the Dove (1997), The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), and Peeping Tom (1960). I hope this helps display how important place can be to a film, and how people seek out places because they have seen them in films.

Cocktails With a Splash of Screwball #Six

Now that cold, harsh winter is officially here, I've been staying in and binging on screwball comedies, and submerging myself in cocktails. Then again, I like doing that during all seasons, but let's just say it's because it's bloody freezing out.

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NOIRvember: The best in 'Film Noir'

November just got much more exciting: 'Noirvember' is here! But what exactly is 'noirvember' you may ask? (At least I did). 'Noirvember' is a month-long celebration of all things film noir, that gorgeous period (~1940-1959) in cinema where these films weren't necessarily saddled by particular settings or conflict, like a western or gangster movie might be, but rather they were defined by particular qualities in tone, mood, and style.

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Double Feature Days Part Cinq

When Mercury was in retrograde, it lead me to some pretty interesting film pairings so I thought I would share them. There is absolutely no particular film reason for anyone to ever watch these movies together, but next time Mercury is in retrograde, maybe you won't be able to control your movie-pairing impulses, and this post can be your safe space to turn towards.

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Best Film, Booze, and Travel Podcasts

I love podcasts. I often subscribe to any I hear about that appeal to me; I just want them all!!

Since there are so many podcasts out there on every possible subject, I thought I would distill some of my favorites for what I truly believe are THE STUFF THAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF (see what I did there?): film, booze, and travel.

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Celebrity Wine

What I've been noticing lately is that a lot of well-known, influential (and more importantly wealthy) people are attaching their names to vineyards and wine labels in the United States, France, and many other places.

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If we were having wine...

I recently read about a blog post phenomenon called "If we were having coffee," where a blogger can get in-depth and personal about what's going on with their lives at that moment, or even to work through some emotions they might be trying to figure out. It's also a chance for bloggers to let their readers gain more insight into their psyche, and hopefully form a stronger, virtual connection.

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