The Experience of being a Lincoln Plaza Cinema Patron

When I moved to the Upper West Side last year, I fell in love with the obvious attractions of the neighborhood: the Natural History Museum (seen outside my window, and yes you may feel jealous), Riverside Park, and the eccentric residents. There are thousands of things that I love about the UWS, but one thing in particular is how many movie theaters there are, and their close proximity to me.

My absolute favorite in the neighborhood is Lincoln Plaza Cinemas. They have easily one of the more varied selections of movies in all of New York City. In one week, I can go see the Icelandic Rams or the latest Michael Moore flick. They also serve coffee.

Now, for those of you that have never been to this awesome establishment, the theater is a bit old. I mean old in terms of the amenities, and the viewers. The seats in the theaters are very simple and haven't been changed in at least 25 years, the screens are not very big, and you can't see 3-D movies. So why do I like this place so much? One reason besides the movies they show is that the movies actually start on time! Previews are shown, but if it says on your ticket that you are seeing a movie at 7:15 PM, your movie will start at the time, which seems to be impossible for large multiplexes to accomplish these days. 

I also love being in a theater where the average age is 75. It makes me feel young, and I'm surrounded by people who do not talk incessantly during the movie or use their phones throughout the screening. It's amazing. The silence in the theater before the movie starts is only punctuated by coughing. Pure bliss for film nerds like me. It's so amazing.

Anyway, I'm sure I sound like a bit of an obsessive freak. I mean, who goes on about a movie theater? I do, I suppose.

Really my main point is if you live in New York, or you'll be visiting, you must check out Lincoln Plaza. You will be extremely satisfied.