Why Start Now?

This is my first blog. Ever. This shouldn't be so shocking, but for someone who has an English degree and has spent long periods of time outside of my home country, it can be a bit surprising for other people to hear. During my semester abroad in London, it seemed like everyone I knew was starting a blog to record their adventures. I briefly considered creating one, but then didn't follow through. Mainly because I didn't want to jinx my future shenanigans. What if I started a blog and nothing happened to me? What would I have to write about? Looking back, that was a silly fear to have because whatever travel you do, you will have something to write about, even if it's just a post focusing on the differences between American and French bread (by the way, French bread is far superior). I decided to keep a private journal instead, which is always my security blanket whenever I start a new chapter in my life.

After I graduated from college, I got a job teaching English to Kindergarteners in Bangkok. Again, all other foreign teachers I knew were starting blogs about their daily life as ESL teachers and the crazy Bangkok nightlife they encountered on the weekends. I did not start one. I talked about it, and was told by many of my friends abroad and back home that I should, but I didn't follow through. I'm a little odd when I'm abroad: I don't like sharing everything that I'm doing. Of course, if someone asks me to tell them what it's like wherever I am, I will happily describe what I've been up to. I had a journal, but no one besides me was reading it.

Being an avid film watcher for most of my life, many have told me that I should publish my thoughts and opinions about all the movies that I watch online. I have written down mini reviews, but in a journal. Again, if someone asks me what I think of a certain film, I will gladly tell them. I just haven't posted these opinions for all those wonderful people out there in the dark (I will be your lifelong friend if you can immediately recognize that reference, without using Google).

I drink. Not a lot, but enough that my friends are never surprised that I'm often the first one to suggest that the drinking commence, even if it's before 5 o'clock. During my wine course in college, it was my weekly homework to drink different kinds of wine and write about my thoughts. Some friends once again suggested that I put these reviews online, since I do so much drinking. I mean....research.

Basically, blogging is an activity that I have never been particularly keen on starting. Why I'm starting one now, I'm not even entirely sure why. I just know that I love alcohol, movies, and travel, and I wanted to somehow combine all three. Since I have yet to find a career that allows me to focus on all three at the same time, I started thinking that a blog would be pretty perfect for that.

So that's why I'm starting one now.

I'm still not sure how each post will work, but I know that each post will either be about my three passions in conjunction with one another, two out of the three passions, and my personal memories and reviews. I'm also just excited to see how this little blog of mine will evolve over time. I know for sure that I will be dropping the word 'favorite' a lot, mainly because I have too many favorite drinks, movies, and cities, and sub sections of favorites. For example, in my head, I have a film sub-section of favorite 1940's Film Noir, and it just breaks down even more from there. Hey. With this blog, I can actually write about my various, favorite sub-sections....Intrigue....

Anyway, welcome. Now that you know why I've started a blog, I hope that you enjoy it. Come back and see my writing sometime.