Why I Don't Like Weekend Travel

In honor of the summer, a time when many New Yorkers are spending every weekend in the Hamptons or Fire Island (I am not one of those people), I thought this would be the perfect time to express a certain sentiment that is attached with summer, and really the rest of the year: I do NOT enjoy weekend travel. I never have. 

Honestly, it's not that I never do any weekend trips, but I don't enjoy them as much as other people do. I occasionally like to take weekend trips, but I'm not really a fan. It's probably the only type of travel that I don't enjoy. Here's why:

  1. It's always way too quick. When you go to a new place for a weekend, you only get a very small taste of what it's like and you don't really get to experience your surroundings. Even going to a place that you maybe have been to many times is too quick. If you love that place, you don't really get much of a chance to do what you love in that place, which really blows.
  2. If you're living abroad and you spend every weekend traveling somewhere new, you don't really get to experience your new home. When I studied abroad, before I knew that I would be traveling around Europe after my semester was over, I decided not to spend too many weekends outside of London because the weekends were really my chance to go touring around the city and get to know it intimately. I knew some other students who traveled almost every weekend, and that was their choice, and they wanted to do that so great for them. However, I do encourage people about to do semesters abroad not to travel every weekend. It gets expensive because you're constantly paying for return tickets back to where you're living, and you aren't giving yourself much of a chance to explore your new home. Before you know it, the semester will be over and you'll have to leave, without having spent much time there. When I lived in Thailand, I did some weekend travel, but not a lot. I was usually exhausted by the weekend and because I lived in Bangkok, there was always something crazy, new, and wonderful happening that I didn't want to miss.
  3. Once you start to settle in during your weekend trip, it's Sunday and you have to leave to get back home. Quickly uprooting yourself like that is not a great feeling, in my opinion.
  4. The Sunday traffic going home after a weekend trip is depressing as hell: it's way too crowded on the highway, and you feel this sense of depression amongst all the weekend travelers because they know that tomorrow is Monday, and they have to go through another long work week before they can get away again.

I'm not writing this to imply that I never do any weekend travel, or that I'm not up for it, but I felt like expressing why I'm not a big fan, and to show that even travel junkies like myself have their limits.