Lean Marathon

On one fateful day during the summer of 2013, I watched two of David Lean's epic pictures in one day. In a movie theater. It was the closest I've ever gotten (or will ever get) to participating in any sort of marathon. At BAM's Harvey Theater, the incredible Doctor Zhivago (1965) and Lawrence of Arabia (1962) were playing on the same day. Shockingly, I had never seen either of these movies, mostly because I had been told many times that I should only watch them on the big screen, but also they're both VERY, VERY long (each film includes it's own intermission) and require a lot of time and concentration. Paying to go to a theater is the best way to ensure that you sit through the whole movie.

I'm very lucky to have a supportive family, and when I mentioned what I was planning on doing that day, my mother jumped at the chance to come watch Doctor Zhivago with me, and my sister Julia offered to see Lawrence of Arabia. Understandably, neither of them wanted to sit through both movies, but it was still great to have at least one of them at each movie. I know that I'm making sitting through two three-hour plus movies sound like an important feat, but it really is when you're a cineaste. Also, this is my blog; I can marvel at whatever personal feats I want.

I am so glad I watched both of these not just David Lean classics, but general film classics, in one day. It turned the movies into an event, which is what film used to be in the earlier days.