If we were having wine...

I recently read about a blog post phenomenon called "If we were having coffee," where a blogger can get in-depth and personal about what's going on with their lives at that moment, or even to work through some emotions they might be trying to figure out. It's also a chance for bloggers to let their readers gain more insight into their psyche, and hopefully form a stronger, virtual connection.

The cutest coffee art that anyone ever did see | Sydney, Australia | November 2014

I decided to participate in this, but since one of my main three obsessions that I document on this blog is booze, I decided to change the post to one about drinking wine. Mainly because I usually do talk things over with my friends and family and strangers with wine, and as I've said many times before in my ramblings, I never like doing anything the exact same way that others do.

Hopefully this turns out well. If people leave hateful comments (the modern-day torch and pitchfork crowd) about how horrible this post is, then I'll maybe consider stopping. We'll see.

An incredible Red Burgundy | Upper West Side, New York | September 2016

Let's get started. Grab your beverage of choice and join me.

If we were having wine....I'd tell you all about my friend Kara's beautiful wedding that I just attended at Bedell Cellars. She's one of my favorite people on the planet, and watching her marry the love of her life was so incredible. I don't usually like to sound mushy about weddings (mostly because I see them as forced societal rituals), but there is something truly amazing about watching two ridiculously happy people come together with their friends and family in a great location, and promise to love and support each other for the rest of their lives. While that sentence was daunting to write, Kara and her now HUSBAND were so sure about each other that pledging themselves and joining their lives together was an easy decision. Also, I would spend at least ten minutes discussing how amazing the food was: all farm to table, super fresh, and just fun (mini lamb burgers anyone?). Oh, and the Rose was so good! I paid for it the next day, but it was more than worth the debilitating hangover.

If we were having wine....I would tell you how even though I've lived in New York City for my whole life, and have seen all the dodgy bits (dirty condoms on the street, burning trash cans, and people randomly yelling at you) I was on the subway heading home the other day after seeing Blood Simple at Film Forum, and at Times Square, a tattered and tired man came into my car, wearing only a winter coat around his waist, and immediately dove under the seats, to sleep. I had never seen anyone do that on a crowded subway car. Or ever. I have seen more than my fair share of homeless people in NYC, unfortunately, and as a kid, I taught myself to not get horribly upset over every single homeless person I saw (otherwise I would have never stopped crying), but rather silently acknowledge what a terrible situation for anyone to be in and still maintain my large amount of empathy for them. On this particular night though, I'm not totally sure why, but tears started welling up in my eyes. I was holding them back because I did not feel like crying on the subway, especially in front of the man trying to sleep on the floor. I did not want him to see me feel sorry for him. As people kept getting on at different stops, some of them would sit on the seats above the sleeping homeless man. All the other passengers didn't say anything to the people as they sat down, and when they noticed what was beneath them, every single one of them stood up startled, and immediately went to another part of the car. My tears started to feel stronger. I let a couple of them run down my face, especially when I looked across from me and saw a woman shaking and silently crying. We both looked at each other, and I tried to facially express to her that I understood how she felt, and how emotionally draining it is to witness something de-humanizing, and know that there's nothing you can do in that moment. I hope she saw all of that conveyed on my face. She looked away and kept crying. I got off the train a stop earlier than I needed to, and walked the long way home. I stood on a corner and let myself cry. Loud, ugly, breathy crying that pedestrians don't enjoy listening to. I walked home. While this is not a fun memory to hold on to, sometimes taking a minute and noticing something out of the ordinary (good or bad) helps put certain life aspects into perspective. It did for me anyway. I would probably add that having a strong, emotional reaction in public is okay. Feelings are never something we should try to forget. Sad situations can be turned into opportunities for you to try and find ways to help others.

**Time for a refill in my glass**

If we were having wine....I would say that I can't believe Labor Day is here. Time is my worst enemy and my best friend. We have a very hot and cold relationship. It changes every year, and I do wish I had the ability to stop time, go back in time, and occasionally speed up time when I'm looking forward to something. Time is a cruel mister and mistress.

If we were having wine....I would obsess over how much I'm loving this red burgundy! I would intentionally brag that I got this bottle FOR FREE from a wine distributer for my birthday. Truly amazing. I'm already halfway done with the bottle. I have a major decision to make: to save the other half for tomorrow and be kind to my liver OR I can embrace my vivre pour aujourd'hui mentality and just finish the bottle. I think I'll live for today.

**Consumes the rest of the bottle**

Well, that has made me exhausted. I think it's time for bed. Or passing out on my couch. It's a toss-up at this point.

How do you all think this went? Do you feel more connected to me and my psyche? What do you like to drink (alcoholic or virgin) when you chat with friends?