Best Film, Booze, and Travel Podcasts

I love podcasts. I often subscribe to any I hear about that appeal to me; I just want them all!!

Since there are so many podcasts out there on every possible subject, I thought I would distill some of my favorites for what I truly believe are THE STUFF THAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF (see what I did there?): film, booze, and travel.

Film Podcasts:

THR's Awards Chatter Podcast

While Scott Feinberg's podcast also touches on television and Broadway shows, he does interview a lot of Hollywood legends. Some of my favorites have been with Jane Fonda, Gina Lollobrigida, and Meryl Streep. Really fun if you're curious about how actors got their start, what they think of Hollywood today, and some of the famous legends they've encountered. Feinberg also asks some of the more interesting questions than your average interviewer.

I Was There Too

Lots of film podcasts talk about and dissect various movies, but something is always missing: the hosts were never in the room where it happened (don't judge me for paraphrasing a Hamilton reference). To get more insider knowledge about everyone's favorite movies, Matt Gourley interviews actors involved with well-known films. Some episodes have included Piper Laurie and her experiences with The Hustler and Carrie and Gilbert Gottfried when he was the voice of Iago the parrot in Aladdin. This podcast is perfect for anyone who loves hearing behind-the-scenes stories.

KCRW's The Treatment

This is Elvis Mitchell's podcast, and he is one of my favorite critics. Each week he sits down with some of the most influential people in entertainment, art, and pop culture and discusses their careers and current projects. One of my favorite interviews was the recent one with Kenneth Turan about his book, Not to Be Missed. I love reading Turan's articles and books, but he is not often the subject for an interview, so my film-nerd self was feeling giddy.

The Projection Booth

This podcast is all about cult films and has frequent guests to discuss the importance of many of these movies. It's an essential listen if you love cult films, or if you want to learn more. I had heard of most of the titles, but I discovered some great new ones, like The Mafu Cage, starring the amazing Carol Kane and Lee Grant. Score!

Maltin on Movies

Leonard Maltin is one of the most trusted film critics in America so of course he had to start a film podcast. Maltin and his daughter Jesse are major cinema lovers, and interview other film buffs ranging from Mel Brooks to Kate Micucci and Alec Baldwin to Charles Phoenix, to name a few. The guests are asked about their love of the movies, and some of their personal favorites. One of my favorite tidbits that I learned from the podcast is that Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner meet a few times a week to watch a movie. If there is ever a way I could be invited to that group screening, I'll do whatever it takes.

You Must Remember This

Not only is this my favorite film podcast, this is my favorite podcast of all time. I act like a giddy child when I wake up on Tuesday and realize that I can listen to another one of Karina Longworth's beautiful tales of the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood's Golden Age. Longworth does mini-series about various topics like the Hollywood Blacklist, Charles Manson's Hollywood, and others. Otherwise, each episode focuses on a star from the past, and some event in their life, or their associations with other famous people, and how that affected them later in life. All of her episodes are thoroughly researched, and she spins the past into a fantastic, historical story hour. The crazy antics that celebrities did during the Golden Age are far more juicy and outrageous than anything a present-day reality star could ever do, even the Kardashians.

Booze Podcasts:

Craft Beer Talk

This show is all things beer. Each week a different beer is reviewed, the current craft beer business is discussed, and different brewing practices are explained. I love drinking beer, but do not know as much about how to make it, so it's perfect for giving myself a deeper alcohol education.


Attention whiskey lovers: this podcast is for you! It takes you to whiskey distilleries all around the world, tells stories about what makes different whiskies so unique, gives the latest updates in whiskey news, and tasting notes about the 'water of life.'

The Crush

Certified Sommelier Whitney Adams and wine writer Christina Pickard talk about everything wine-related: tastings, grape varietals, the better wine and food pairings, and wine terminology. This is a great wine podcast to listen to if you want to start learning about wine, but don't know where to start. The Crush is perfect to cleanse your wine-knowledge palette, before you move on to more in-depth enology education.

Wine for Normal People

Another great wine podcast that sets out to remove the snobbishness often attached to wine knowledge. Certified Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider has turned her passion for wine into a podcast and blog that seeks to translate wine into more accessible terms and understanding for anyone who has even the tiniest interest in wine. Schneider does not completely take away the complexity of wine, but she is great at breaking down and explaining various wine practices, regions, and varietals.


On my other favorite wine podcast, the various GrapeRadio hosts discuss everything wine, from experiences (drinking wine, enjoying it with friends) to wine news. Many of the guests on the podcast are from all over the world, so it can sound like a travel podcast in a way, but focused on wine.

Show de Vie w/ Mike G

A recent podcast discovery of mine, this fantastic booze podcast includes interviews with some of 


Travel Podcasts:

Condé Nast Traveler Travelogue

This podcast is all things travel: the best new destinations, where to stay, what to eat, etc. Lots of choices are pretty high-end, but it is nice to hear about and plan your next dream vacation (or reality vacation for those of you that travel in style).

Global Travel Conspiracy

This podcast offers a different take on travel than most: host Gary Arndt has not stopped traveling since 2007, and his show interviews people he meets on the road. His website documents everything he's doing and all that he encounters on his endless travels. If I didn't love this podcast so much I would hate it because of all Arndt's travels.

I hope you enjoy this selection of podcasts! Let me know if you listen to any that you like, or maybe hate. Are there any film, booze, or travel podcasts that you enjoy listening to?