Character Map

For my final project for one of my graduate school courses, I made my own Google Map featuring places in Vienna, Venice, and London, as seen in the films The Third Man (1949), Before Sunrise (1995), Summertime (1955), Wings of the Dove (1997), The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), and Peeping Tom (1960). I hope this helps display how important place can be to a film, and how people seek out places because they have seen them in films.

Double Feature Days Part Cinq

When Mercury was in retrograde, it lead me to some pretty interesting film pairings so I thought I would share them. There is absolutely no particular film reason for anyone to ever watch these movies together, but next time Mercury is in retrograde, maybe you won't be able to control your movie-pairing impulses, and this post can be your safe space to turn towards.

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The Experience of being a Lincoln Plaza Cinema Patron

When I moved to the Upper West Side last year, I fell in love with the obvious attractions of the neighborhood: the Natural History Museum (seen outside my window, and yes you may feel jealous), Riverside Park, and the eccentric residents. There are thousands of things that I love about the UWS, but one thing in particular is how many movie theaters there are, and their close proximity to me.

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Lean Marathon

On one fateful day during the summer of 2013, I watched two of David Lean's epic pictures in one day. In a movie theater. It was the closest I've ever gotten (or will ever get) to participating in any sort of marathon. At BAM's Harvey Theater, the incredible Doctor Zhivago (1965) and Lawrence of Arabia (1962) were playing on the same day. Shockingly, I had never seen either of these movies, mostly because I had been told many times that I should only watch them on the big screen, but also they're both VERY, VERY long (each film includes it's own intermission) and require a lot of time and concentration. Paying to go to a theater is the best way to ensure that you sit through the whole movie.

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'Taxi Driver' at the Beacon Theater

I was lucky enough to go to the 40th anniversary screening with my sister of Taxi Driver (1976) at the lovely Beacon Theater. Not only that, but there was a panel discussion afterwards with Martin Scorcese, Robert DeNiro, Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel, Cybil Shepard, Michael Phillips, and Paul Schrader (the producer and screenwriter, respectively). Needless to say, my film geek self was freaking out.

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